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Another theory of the development of atopic dermatitis is based on the assumption of such congenital features of sildenafil structure as an insufficient content of the structural protein filaggrin in it, which interacts with keratins and other proteins, as well as a decrease in lipid synthesis. For this reason, the formation of the epidermal barrier is disrupted, which leads to easy penetration of allergens and infectious agents through the epidermal layer. In addition, it is assumed that there is a genetic predisposition to the excessive synthesis of immunoglobulins responsible for immediate allergic reactions. Atopic dermatitis in adults can be a continuation of the disease from childhood, a late manifestation of a latent (latently, without clinical symptoms) disease or a late realization of a genetically determined pathology (in almost 50% of adult patients).

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Relapses of atopic dermatitis occur as a result of the interaction of genetic and provoking factors. The latter include: unfavorable ecology and excessive dryness of the air; endocrine, metabolic and immune disorders; acute infectious diseases and foci of chronic infection in the body; complications during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period, smoking during pregnancy; prolonged and repetitive psychological stress and stressful conditions, shift work, long-term sleep disorders, etc.

In many patients, self-treatment of allergic dermatitis with folk remedies leads to a pronounced exacerbation, most of which are prepared on the basis of medicinal plants. This is due to the fact that they are usually used without taking into account the stage and prevalence of the process, the age of the patient and allergicsome predisposition.

The active components of these products, which have antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects, are not purified from accompanying elements, many of them have allergenic properties or individual intolerance, contain tanning and drying substances (instead of the necessary moisturizers).

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In addition, self-prepared preparations often contain natural unrefined vegetable oils and/or animal fats that close the skin pores, which leads to an inflammatory reaction, infection and suppuration, etc. Thus, theories about the genetic cause and the immune mechanism of the development of atopic dermatitis are the main ones. The assumption of the presence of other mechanisms for the implementation of the disease has long been only a subject of discussion.

Watch a video on how to find the cause of allergic dermatitis: There is no generally accepted classification of atopic dermatitis and objective laboratory and instrumental methods for diagnosing the disease. The diagnosis is based mainly on clinical manifestations - typical morphological changes in the skin and their localization.

Depending on age, the following stages of atopic dermatitis are distinguished: infantile, developing at the age of 1.5 months and up to two years; among all patients with atopic dermatitis, this stage is 75%; children (at 2 - 10 years of age) - up to 20%; adult (after 18 years) - about 5%; the onset of the disease is possible before the age of 55, especially among men, but, as a rule, this is already an exacerbation of the disease that began in childhood or infancy.

In accordance with the clinical course and morphological manifestations, the following stages of atopic dermatitis are distinguished: The initial stage, developing in childhood.

• It manifests itself with such early signs as limited redness and swelling of sildenafil for ED of the cheeks and buttocks, which are accompanied by slight peeling and the formation of yellow crusts.
• In half of the children with atopic dermatitis on the head, in the area of ​​​​the large fontanel, fatty small dandruff flakes are formed, as in seborrhea.
• The stage of exacerbation, consisting of two phases - severe and moderate clinical manifestations.
• It is characterized by severe itching, the presence of erythema (redness), small vesicles with serous contents (vesicles), erosions, crusts, peeling, scratching.
• The stage of incomplete or complete remission, in which the symptoms of the disease disappear, respectively, partially or completely.
• The stage of viafra 90 pills (!) Recovery is the absence of symptoms of the disease for 3-7 years (depending on the severity of its course).
The existing conditional classification also includes an assessment of the prevalence and severity of the disease. The prevalence of atopic dermatitis is determined by the area of ​​the lesion: up to 10% - limited dermatitis; from 10 to 50% - common dermatitis; over 50% - diffuse dermatitis.
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